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Missing Images and Lost Links

August 11, 2021 1:59 PM | Margie Mathews (Administrator)

When ever an image is inserted into the website from FILES, it has a path for which to find that image.  The same is true for documents.  

So, for example you have images of your BODs on a page in the website.  Those images were originally stored in your main Pictures folder.  Now you decide that you want to be more organized and create a folder called BOD Images and move all those images to that folder.  Much to your surprise and chagrin, those pictures no longer show on the BOD page.  

So then you decide to move all the pictures back to the Pictures folder and they still do not appear.  This is because they lost the path when they were moved.

Best way to handle this is to create your new folder for images or documents and then COPY the images and documents to the new folders. 

Yees it will take up more space, but you will not lose your links and you can then move forward with organizing your images and documents in new folders.

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